Tomorrow marks back to school for the kids in this area. Arizona starts surprisingly early compared to most states because who doesn’t want to go to recess when it’s 105 degrees outside!? It kills me, can’t we put it off a couple more weeks??

We’ve spent the last week we gathering school supplies, meeting teachers, cleaning out closets – and I think we’re ready. Steve’s got his breakfast lined up for the morning, I’ve got the photo studio prepped for tomorrow’s shoots, Hunter has colored his back to school bear that he turns in tomorrow and Hallie is probably more prepared than all of us.

I was helping her this afternoon pick out an outfit for the big day and she kept wanting to try on different options. So I sat on her bed as she put a new shirt on with a skirt/shorts and walked around the room. She would take it all off just to put on a new shirt with shorts/skirt. In the end she wanted me to tell her which one she should wear. Hallie is awful at making decisions when she’s choosing between two great options and I’ve learned she has to be the one to make them, I won’t step in. I finally needed to go start dinner and left her in the room to decide. She came down a little bit later so excited to tell me what she had chosen. She walked me back to her room and I find this:
 photo 20130806-DSC_3707.jpg
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s outfits all lined up ready to go. She is ready, I just hope second grade is ready for her!