Growing up in Arizona, a little boy has all the chances in the world to catch a gecko or even a scorpion, but to find snails is like an early Christmas present.

We’ve had some serious rainfall lately, which is quite abnormal for the valley of the sun. One particular day it rained continuously for a couple hours. Hunter came home from preschool in the rain and we went through the routine of talking about school over lunch. During lunch the rain let up and we walked outside shortly after.
 photo 20130909-DSC_4308.jpg
Hunter walked down the sidewalk in awe of all the snails. “Mom, there’s one, there’s another one. Holy cow, do you see all these snails??” It was a young boys paradise.
 photo 20130909-DSC_4301.jpg
Those poor little things didn’t stand a chance against my boy. Hunter continued to gather them in his hands and I’m pretty sure had I not insisted he put them back on the ground, they would’ve ended up in his shirt pocket, only to go through the wash and they would’ve all died and untimely death. Instead, he put them back on the ground. A few got stepped on and still died and untimely death, but there were many that survived.
 photo 20130909-DSC_4303.jpg
 photo 20130909-DSC_4307.jpg
I think Hunter thought by putting them back on the ground, they would be there later for his enjoyment. He went back out the next day (94 degrees) and to his disappointment, there wasn’t a snail in sight. He couldn’t understand where all the snails went. I told him we’d go back out after the next rainfall and look for them. We both knew that might be a while! He couldn’t hide his disappointment – I can’t blame him, it’s the closest thing he’s going to get to having a pet! 🙂