We’re celebrating this guy and five great years! He’s more spunky and mischievous as ever – and only wants legos. Easy to please.

First Birthday
1st Birthday

Second Birthday
Growth Chart Birthday Photo

Third Birthday
Growth Chart Birthday Photo

Fourth Birthday
Growth Chart Birthday Photo

He rides his bike around like a madman and never forgets his helmet.

He loves bean and cheese burritos from Tia Rosas.

He loves the movie “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe”.

He sneaks into his sister’s room while she’s at school and eats her candy.

He’s a fish in the water.

He enjoys playing checkers on the ipad.

Have I mentioned he loves legos – he got his first set last year so we’re celebrating is “Legaversary” this year.

He makes his own breakfast and as of lately is instant oatmeal, peach flavor.

He is passionate and full of energy and we love him to pieces.