Life with Fingerprints: Favorite Baby Products Giveaway

Nesting mode has kicked in and I’m going through boxes in the garage and in the attic looking for all of our baby gear and clothing.

It made me nostalgic looking through some of the stuff, especially the clothing. Things Hunter had worn – which were passed to Mr. B – which will now be passed to another boy. Or even items we’ve used since our first child 8 years ago that are still in great condition. I told Steve, my need for buying quality items is now paying off on the fourth child. He rolled his eyes and asked me to repeat that I need absolutely nothing for this next baby. Nothing? That’s a bold statement, there’s always something, right?? But I tell you what, there’s not many things on the list.

It’s funny because with the first baby we bought so much. Not that we needed it all, but that we were trying things out, seeing what worked for us. I think I have a whole bucket of bottles because we tried every single one of them on Hallie. This whole process led me to make a list of my very favorite and needed products – to make sure I had them all for our new arrival.

After making my list, I decided to contact several of the companies and see if they would be willing to give away one of my favorite products. I was shocked when I heard back from several companies who were more than happy to! (Now I’m wishing I would’ve asked for one for myself, and one for my readers!!) Thanks to some generous companies – I have 4 weeks of giveaways starting this Monday. Each Monday a giveaway will open and the winner will be announced the following Monday when the next giveaway opens – more details on Monday. You can enter each week for a chance to win – how cool is that?! Let the countdown begin…

I really have 5 1/2 weeks left but I’m optimistically ending the giveaways early, just in case he decides to come sooner!