I have to laugh when people look at the projects I do and ask, “How in the world do you get everything done that you do? I barely have time to…(insert some random activity).” Although the blogging world gives us unrealistic expectations of what we should be as mothers or wives – the reality is far from what is portrayed in blogland.

Yes, I am a project person and I love power tools – we seem to make time for things that we enjoy or are passionate about. For some that may be working out, for others that may be socializing with friends. I think this blog shows clearly where my priorities fall – with my family, church and projects within the walls of my home. What this blog doesn’t show are the things I’m willing to let go because I’d rather be doing something else.

For example – here’s my laundry room right now.
 photo 20130923-DSC_4576.jpg
 photo 20130923-DSC_4578.jpg

It’s looked like this for at least a week and I’m still not sure when I might attempt to clean it. Its not a priority, I’d rather be building something. Spaces like this, that I can easily shut the door and ignore, don’t get a whole lot of my attention. There is laundry that needs to be folded and some that needs washing. I’ll have the kids fold and put their own laundry away, which won’t happen nearly as quick as me doing it and half the items will be shoved in their drawers; I’m okay with that.

The floors don’t get mopped nearly as often as they should; yet another thing I’m willing to let slide so I can do the things I care about. I don’t cook full course or even fancy meals; but bellies are always being fed. I do my best and I fall short in many areas, and I’m totally okay with that, fortunately, my husband has come to grips with it as well!

In my mind, supermom is dead. Or perhaps she never really existed. No one can do it all – there’s not enough hours in a day to be all we expect ourselves to be. And yet we look to others and wonder how in the world are they accomplishing so much more than us – chances are, they’re not. There’s always something that’s got to give. A glimpse into my laundry room is a hint at what I’m willing to give!