I have a notebook that I keep all my to-dos and lists in. One of those pages is dedicated to an on-going Home Depot supply list. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that has such a list?) As I work on a project or around the house and find that I’m in need of something, I jot it down on the list, this helps me consolidate my trips or else I would be going every day.

My list was substantial enough that last night, once the kids were in bed, I went shopping. (I love to go at night without kids – makes it so much easier and far less stressful!) It was a random list, but I got everything checked off which meant today was project day. I love project days.

The saw (my mother’s day gift) was plugged in, the nail gun (another mother’s day gift – do you see a pattern??) was running and there was even some painting going on.
 photo 20130917-DSC_4491.jpg
 photo 20130917-DSC_4486.jpg
 photo 20130917-DSC_4489.jpg
I’m working on some wall art for Hunter’s room and I just may finish it in record time. Pregnancy does wonders for my motivation to get things done!

Speaking of finished projects – the dining table is complete! (Cue the angels singing!) Although the room as a whole is not complete, the table is ready to eat at, we just need to get a few more chairs. I’ll go into more details later but here’s a sneak peek.
 photo 20130917-DSC_4482.jpg
 photo 20130917-DSC_4481.jpg