It’s been a while since Steve has been able to show us his wakeboarding skills (since our days in Milwaukee), so we jumped at the chance to go with his brother even if it meant waking up at 5:30am. (The lake is a popular weekend activity but there’s not near enough water for all those that have boats, so the early bird catches the worm!)

I, being great with child, managed the camera, snacks and the orange flag, while everyone else took their turn on the lake.
 photo 20130914-DSC_4366.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4375.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4408.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4447.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4337.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4332.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4324.jpg
Even Mr. B took a turn on the wakeboard:
 photo 20130914-DSC_4377.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4400.jpg
And even though Hunter used to wakeboard with his dad the same way when he was younger, there was an element of fear in him and he refused to go out. We finally convinced him to go on the tube assuring him he would be fine (also something he’s done many times before).
 photo 20130914-DSC_4411.jpg
Those smiles only lasted but a brief while – when we thought they were ready to be done, we slowed the boat to pull them back in but they insisted they stay on the tube longer. The boat sped up, but the nose of the tube never fully got above the wake and it slowly knocked the kids off as the water came over the front. Hunter – safely secured in his life jacket – panicked and immediately wanted out of the water. There was no more tube for him. He wouldn’t even jump in after that. So bizarre for a kid who is a fish in the pool and swims around without a care in the world!
 photo 20130914-DSC_4346.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4352.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4344.jpg
Mr. B was far more comfortable than Hunter and thought he ruled the boat – he was already trying to take over the driver’s seat. Steve’s hope is that there is a boat in our distant future and we spend many more Saturday mornings just like this one. Although I didn’t get in the water, I’d have to share the same hope.