Last Wednesday, Hallie came home from school asking about the Geico camel commercial. I had no idea what she was talking about, but when Steve got home from work he knew the commercial and we pulled it up on YouTube. A camel walks around the office and asks everyone what day it is.
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Hallie could not stop laughing. She watched it at least 4 times and then made sure Hunter watched it as well. Hunter didn’t think it was nearly as funny as Hallie did, but Hallie’s contagious laugh had everyone laughing.

Fast forward to today, I walked into the living room and the first question Hallie asks me is, “What day is it? It’s Hump day, woot woot.” I died laughing.

Just before Hallie left for school, Steve called to talk to her and I can hear him through the phone, “Hallie, Hallie, What day is it?” Hallie just starts giggling.

She was convinced that today of all days they would show the commercial a lot during my morning news routine. When she got home from school she was more than disappointed to learn I had not seen the commercial one time the whole day. Just as she got home, I was talking with Steve. He asked to talk to Hallie. They had the same exchange as they had earlier this morning, which got Hallie giggling again. Hunter chimed in and started quoting the commercial – before long, Mr. B was walking around saying, “Day it. Woot. Woot.”

I’ve heard the commercial quoted enough for one day, but I cannot get enough of the laughs and giggles I get from the kids every time it’s mentioned!