7 days isn’t a whole lot of time – but in the life of a newborn, a week is a long time. One week ago I lay in a hospital bed begging for sleep and pain medication. My older three kids came for a visit and they sat at the foot of my bed, taking turns holding Cannon. I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude as well as anxiety as I watched all four of them interact. One week later, they’re all still infatuated with him.

Cannon’s first week has been great. He sleeps and sleeps and then sleeps some more, which I hope lasts a while. I didn’t know that newborns did that – but now that I know, I feel cheated with my first three! He takes the pacifier great and he’s gaining weight like a champ (which I’m sure aids in him sleeping so well). We’re all enjoying the newborn snuggle and loving every minute with him. One week in – I think we’re going to keep him!  photo 20131029-DSC_5761-Edit.jpg

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