My countdown to Baby Giveaway is over – yet I’m still carrying this little guy and have one week left. (There’s always a little hope that you go early!) So I suppose the best thing to do is to have another giveaway, seems logical, right?

I’ve gone over all of my essentials as far as feeding, sleeping, basics and gear are concerned. And although I’ve gone over some really important essentials – there’s so much more preparation that comes with having a baby. I find myself making lists as though life is ending in one week and I have so much to do. When in all reality I’ve learned, you have a baby and life moves on. There’s definitely some down time, but life picks right back up and carries on, but it’s still more fun to be organized and prepared in the process!

Today’s giveaway comes from my good friend Amy at Ink’d Design (She’s who we spend the fourth of July with as well as many other long summer nights in the pool.) She’s setting you up to style the nursery (the fun part for me of having a baby!) and be an organized mom in the process with a “Decorate and Organize” giveaway. This giveaway includes a 3 month subscription to Ink’d Design Print Packs (check out the website for more information here) as well as a set of her amazing Nursery Prints, a $200 value.
 photo 53de76fa-c07b-4de6-9d8b-e92485c3c37b.jpg
The larger prints are 11×14 (and fit perfectly in the frames from Ikea) and are double sided, while the others vary in size and are single sided – they make a darling addition to any nursery!

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