The best part of having a kid turn five is they are excited with just about everything. I wish I could’ve captured every fist pump or “This is the best birthday ever” out of Hunter’s mouth, it’s so fun to see a kid so excited. This is what the best birthday ever looks like in pictures.

Donuts for the preschool class – he was very conflicted whether to go classic powder or throw in some fun sprinkles. One of both makes it the best birthday ever.
 photo 20130926-DSC_4593-1.jpg
 photo 20130926-DSC_4594.jpg
Preschool treated him like a king including a crown and being the line leader – what more could you ask for? I picked him up and you would’ve thought it was Christmas when he heard we were going to McDonalds.
 photo 20130926-photo59.jpg
He was able to open a gift from his Nana and surprisingly enough it was exactly what he wanted – it was the best birthday ever and he spent the rest of his afternoon at his lego table.
 photo 20130926-photo60.jpg
 photo 20130926-DSC_4598.jpg
I made a dinner that “he absolutely loved” and it was on to present opening. As I said before, it doesn’t take much to impress him and all he asked for was legos. It was the easiest birthday to shop for – and one ginormous tub of legos later he was grinning ear to ear.
 photo 20130926-DSC_4651.jpg
 photo 20130926-DSC_4666.jpg
 photo 20130926-DSC_4656.jpg
When we told him we were going out for ice cream (he’s not so much a cake fan) and quickly jumped in the car and wouldn’t you know it, he was giggling and repeated several times “This is the best birthday ever!”
 photo 20130926-photo58.jpg
And why would you ever want to end such a fun birthday? We didn’t – so we carried it over a couple days and had treats with cousins to celebrate. Oh to be five again!
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