Its been 48 hours since we became a family of 6 – we’ve spent a total of 8 hours together today and the best way to describe it would be chaos. Of course our kids haven’t seen us very much for the last two days so they were extra excited to be home and it didn’t help that both Steve and I were exceptionally tired trying to manage it all. But after just a few hours of chaos, Steve walked into the kitchen laughing. I asked what he thought was so funny and he said, “What did we just get ourselves into?!” I’ll tell you what we just got into.

We added this little bundle of joy who has captured our hearts already. Its amazing how much you can love someone you’ve known for such a short amount of time, but we’re so glad he’s ours.
Life with Fingerprints photo 20131023-20131023-DSC_5401.jpg
We’ve brought him home to three siblings who adore him. They want to hold him. They want to play with him. They want to give him kisses. And in no time they’re going to be teaching him everything they know.
Life with Fingerprints photo 20131022-20131022-DSC_5379.jpg
Thats what we just go ourselves into. We’re going to take this one day at a time.