Yesterday I posted the decorations for the party (here) and today is all about the activities.

When I start brainstorming party themes and ideas I always make a list of activities that could go with each theme. It was fairly easy to come up with Halloween/Carnival games, probably one of the easier parties to plan activities for and then Hallie helped narrow down the list to what she wanted to do. The only thing that was on the list that I ended up cutting was apple bobbing. It screams fall carnival but I couldn’t get past the idea of all those germs jumping from one kid to the other, I figured the parents would thank me!
Halloween birthday party ideas

We started by decorating porcelain plates with permanent marker. After they finished we put them in the oven to make sure the marker wouldn’t come off. I read a lot of tutorials online and some had positive feedback and some resulted in failures. I’m happy to say, ours worked great. We used cheap dollar store plates (which supposedly has a cheaper glaze allowing the marker to set in) and sharpie brand permanent marker. Several of the colors faded in the oven but the darker colors worked the best.
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Halloween birthday party ideas
Then we played some “Boo”go. I found it at Target and it was a huge hit. We played several speed rounds where Steve would read off the squares very quickly and as soon as someone got a bingo they would run up and grab candy and then hurry back to their card and continue playing.
Halloween birthday party ideas
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Halloween birthday party ideas
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We did some potato sack races and ate donuts off a string. This was hilarious. At first they couldn’t use their hands and the donut kept hitting them in the face (made for some very sticky faces). After we had some good laughs, we let them hold the string and it was still a little difficult for most of them.
Halloween birthday party ideas
Halloween birthday party ideas
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There was also “Spider Toss”, tossing bean bags but somehow missed a picture of it.

Hallie was beside herself excited with everything about her party and had a hard time deciding what her favorite part was. We sent the kids home on complete sugar highs, their parents may never let them come back!!
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