I’m going to interrupt talking of the birth of our new baby (even though he seems to be the most popular talk of conversation around these parts lately) – to talk about the birth of our oldest “baby” on her special day. This girl is the best and I’m so grateful she’s the oldest in our family. I remember I wanted our first child to be a boy so badly so he could act as a protector to the rest of his siblings. Steve wanted a girl so that we would have a second mommy around the house. I’m sure glad Steve won because Hallie is irreplaceable as a second mommy.

She is so nurturing and loves her role as big sister.

She helps me constantly and at her age, she’s still wanting to help. The other night she asked to hold the baby and she sat there for almost an hour holding him in her arms without wanting to get up.

She’s so sweet with her brothers and so patient with them.

She has a very sensitive heart and is always concerned with everyone’s feelings.

She’s funny and smart and enjoyable to spend time with – she has become quite the shopping buddy and I love it. We all love her to pieces.

Happy Birthday my sweet Hallie.
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