We’ve been waiting 3 months for the weather to cool off enough to pull the bikes out. Just my luck, the weather becomes ideal bike riding weather when I’m 37 weeks pregnant! Not only is it a little difficult to ride – but I look ridiculous riding a bike right now. But that didn’t stop us from loading up the bikes and heading to Tempe Town Lake over the weekend to ride the bike paths.

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We questioned if the process of loading the bikes (which entails installing the bike rack to the car) on and off the car would be worth it for the 30 minutes the kids would be willing to ride; part of me wanted to take back my original genius idea. But we’re all about trying new experiences and we knew we had a window of opportunity before the new babe arrived so despite our reservations we went anyway.

It was worth it. Totally.

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The kids fought in the car on the way over (and the way home) and Bennett loved using his outside screaming voice inside the car. Hunter had two collisions with stationary objects and Hallie bit the dust one time as well…but it was still enjoyable. We rode over bridges and along the water. When the kids got a little tired, we stopped for a little break, once at the Center for Arts and one time in a grassy shaded area. And then we rode a little more. The kids played in the fountain and rolled down the grassy hill and climbed trees. Steve and I sat in the grass enjoying the magic hour of daylight as the sun started it’s descent discussing what we should name this baby boy. (Still haven’t come to a good resolution on that one!)

As we loaded the bikes back on the car there was more arguing between the kids and Bennett’s annoying screams and it was at that moment that we started to ask ourselves- Is this seriously worth it? We do these fun things with the kids and we have these brief magical moments and then reality smacks us aside the face and it takes everything in us to not speed home and throw them all in bed.

But Steve and I determined, it’s still worth it. They’re young and it takes so much effort to do things like this, but they remember it and talk about it. Perhaps, not fully appreciating it yet, but hopefully they will one day. Despite the trouble, it’s worth it.
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