That’s right, I’m 39 weeks and in one short week we’ll have a newborn in our arms; exciting and frightening all at the same time. We’ve got a busy week ahead of us and we’re just hoping that this baby can hold on 7 more days. Of course at that point, I’ll do just about anything to get him out.
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I’ve experienced more pain this pregnancy than any time before and sitting just about does me in; which makes a three hour block of church real enjoyable. I’m hoping this is something that will magically vanish when the baby delivers but I just had a friend tell me that her tailbone hurt for almost a year after delivery. Poke my eyes out now! Aside from being uncomfortable while sitting I’m in pretty good shape. My clothes are all getting a little small and if I had much longer I’d have to do a little shopping but I’m okay hanging out in yoga pants for the week; so if you run into me, don’t judge!

This is the week I’m going to get done all the things I should’ve done a while ago – like get the car seat out of the attic and cleaned up. Charge the camera batteries. Find a good book to indulge in and throw some things in a bag for the just-in-case-he decides-to-arrive-early moment. It’s going to be a good week, I can feel it!