It’s fall break and the kids are home for the whole week. More than anything I wish we could’ve traveled some place fun with the rest of the neighborhood and everyone that we know – but my realistic side won out and I figured less than two weeks before having a baby probably isn’t the best idea to head out of town. So we’re here. Making the best of it. I try to plan just one thing every day that the kids can look forward to and it’s worked out pretty well.

We spent Tuesday at a local train park with some cousins that also stayed in town and Steve’s mom. A ride on the carousel, a ride on the train, lunch at the park and a bubble gum ice cream cone; they were in heaven!
 photo 20131008-DSC_4991.jpg
 photo 20131008-DSC_4995.jpg
 photo 20131008-DSC_4998.jpg
 photo 20131008-DSC_5000.jpg
 photo 20131008-DSC_5004.jpg
 photo 20131008-DSC_5015.jpg
As you can see – Miss Hallie is slightly outnumbered with all those little boys (and then add our new baby boy). She was a good sport about it but I can see she’s starting to outgrow the “park” stage. As we sat at the park and watched the kids play, Hallie was more content sitting with the adults rather than playing in the sand. It was the first time I recognized the age gap and I could see her outgrowing the fun little activities I’ve become accustomed to with a young family. She’s always so good to play with her little brothers and watch out for them, but her interests are changing. She would prefer to listen to music and have a dance party with her friend instead of being at the park. I’ll make it up to her – tomorrow’s activity will be a craft; she’s never disappointed with a craft!