Life with Fingerprints: 4 Weeks We’re starting to get back into the swing of things. Life has resumed a somewhat normal pace and I’ve managed to keep all four kids alive. Success.

Cannon is still a great baby. He’s had some serious issues with projectile spit up which still catches me off guard. Hallie and Hunter were the same way (although Hallie had a medical condition explaining hers). When we took Hunter to the doctor they ran some tests and there was nothing wrong. The doctor suggested I pump and give him a bottle and see if there was any improvement – it nearly solved our problem. The doctor supposed I had too much milk coming too fast, the bottle would give a regulated amount of milk. Fast forward 5 years – we were having the same problem with Cannon. I’ve spent the last week pumping (except for night feedings because I’m lazy) and giving a bottle and it has made a world of difference. Sure, he still has spit up once and a while, but it’s not drenching me every single feeding. It’s inconvenient but so is going through 6 burp rags and three outfits a day!

We’re slowly moving his bed time earlier in the evening (right now its around 9 or 10) and he’s sleeping well during the night for the most part (we’ve had a couple rough nights, but the majority are good).

He loves being in the stroller for our evening walks.

He takes the pacifier well but if he falls asleep with it in his mouth and it falls out, he wakes up. No good.

He sleeps best when he’s “woombied”.

He survived another week of Bennett’s undying love – probably our largest accomplishment!

See more of his chalkboard art.