We had so much rain this last week – for four days, it just poured. And although it was kind of fun to snuggle up with this little guy under gray afternoon skies, it put a damper on our evening walks!

 photo 20131126-DSC_7406-Edit-Edit-1.jpg Cannon had is one month check up and he’s healthy as a horse. Since leaving the hospital just a few weeks ago he’s gained three pounds (10lbs 12oz). That’s a lot – especially since he spits up half of every meal. The doctor isn’t concerned with his spit up because he’s not fussy and his weight gain is more than desirable. What can I say, I produce cream!

He’s alert these days, and you can tell his eyes are starting to track the movement around him.

He went to church for the first time and everyone marveled at his hair – which is turning a lighter shade of brown.

Still trying to figure out how to protect him from his loving older brother!

See more of his chalkboard art.