I don’t have a fun and exciting birth story for Cannon (or Bennett for that matter) but years down the road he’s still going to want his story documented just like every kid does. So hear it goes…

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I started having contractions very early on with this pregnancy – around 36 weeks. I was dilated and effaced very early as well and the doctor was convinced I wouldn’t go the full 40 weeks. I knew better – Bennett was the same story. And although I didn’t believe that I would go early – I started taking it much easier because we had a lot of things going on!

I scheduled an induction for the day before my due date because I figured I would need it – once again, my doctor was confident we wouldn’t. Things progressed normal, and just liked I guessed that baby did not come out on his own!

The day before the induction I ran around finalizing some plans – getting kids overnight bags ready, getting my bag ready, final grocery shopping, last minute laundry, etc. It was a busy day and my nerves began to heighten as I started getting ready for bed that night. We were scheduled to go the hospital bright and early the next morning, 5am. We were supposed to call at 4am to make sure they had room for us. I was praying they would have room for us, but my experience with Bennett taught me it’s a high probability that we would be delayed.

4am rolled around and Steve placed the call to the hospital. FULL. I was so bummed and not only that, it was really hard to sleep after that news. I just wanted to start the process and have a baby. Instead I was awake for an hour and a half before falling asleep and waking up to Steve cooking breakfast. I had cleared my schedule for the day and now I had all sorts of time. I started planning out all the awesome things we were going to do to get my mind off the baby. We started with a walk around the neighborhood and on the final stretch of the walk we got the call from the hospital to come in. Best. News. Ever. We were delayed 24 hours with Bennett and it was brutal – being delayed 5 hours was much better.

We got to the hospital – I was having small contractions just like I had for the previous four weeks. They asked how much pain I wanted to experience during my labor. What kind of question is that?? I have no need to feel unnecessary pain. They gave me the epidural and pitocin at the same time. (I was dilated and effaced enough to do this). The doctor came in and broke my water and within an hour and a half and one contraction push later, we had a baby. It all happened surprisingly fast. As soon as Steve saw him (and all his beautiful dark hair) he said, “He looks like a big baby – bigger than our other kids.” They let me hold him for a while before taking him to weigh and examine him and he felt heavier than the other kids. Sure enough he was almost a half pound heavier than the other babies (8lbs 4oz) – I attribute it to all his hair! He was absolutely perfect and we were so grateful that he arrived healthy and strong without complications.
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There was such a special spirit in the room with us – as there has been with each of our four children. There is something so tender and powerful to bringing a child into this world, a feeling like no other. The room is always a little chaotic after giving birth with so many nurses assisting and checking monitors, cleaning up and so forth, but it’s amazing how holding that little one straight from heaven makes the room so peaceful and serene. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.
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We had an uneventful stay in the hospital – exactly what you want. The hospital stay after having a baby is really hard for me for some reason. Part of it is feeling lonely (got to love the hormones) the other part is feeling completely bored and useless. Because of this, Steve stayed with me the entire time (yes, he even slept on the couch two nights which is true love) and it made a world of difference. I was so grateful to have him to talk with me, to laugh with me and to hold me when I ached with pain and cried.
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It also helped that we had some great visitors. Steve’s parents brought our kids to visit and each of Steve’s 5 siblings that live here came to visit and get their newborn baby snuggles. Nothing passes time better than great conversation. So grateful for the support system that surrounds us.
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After two days in the hospital I was more than ready to get home. Although nothing quite prepares you for the reality of bringing baby #4 home and I was second guessing that decision after being home for just a few hours! 🙂
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