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Dear Mom-
I miss you. Two weeks wasn’t nearly long enough and when I dropped you off at the airport yesterday I knew it was going to be the hardest goodbye I’ve said to you. I had to avoid eye contact with the kids in the back seat because their tearful sobs weren’t helping my own mental state. Days before I ever dropped you off I found myself tearing up knowing I only had a couple days left. Pathetic I know.

Four kids seemed manageable when you were here. But for some reason, Bennett’s screams seemed louder today, Cannon went through countless diapers, Hallie was more emotional, and Hunter was just tired. I’m not going to say it’s directly related to you leaving but it makes me wonder!! I think they miss you just as much as I do.

I can’t thank you enough for giving of your time (and more importantly your energy) to help us out. It seems like with each child, my need/want to have you live closer grows stronger and stronger. I thought that the nearly perfect weather we had the last two weeks would be enough for you to pack up and move here – I’m still crossing my fingers.

Thank you for playing round after round of Go Fish with Hunter – for sitting at the piano with Hallie to help her out – for getting the kids out the door every morning so I could sleep – for calming a fussy baby – for distracting Bennett for the hundredth time to avoid his classic meltdowns – for reading stories to them every day – for taking care of the mending pile that had over 10 items of clothing that needed attention – for walking with me in the afternoons to get the kids out of the house – for talking and offering the emotional support I needed.

Thanks for being here, I never tire of your company. It doesn’t matter how old I grow, I still need my mom.

I love you.