I’m a fan of Halloween. 7 boxes in the garage dedicated to Halloween stuff can attest to my love for the season. I think I grew to love it so much when we lived back east because it correlated with the change in seasons and the beauty that comes with fall. I still associate Halloween with cooler weather and leaves crunching beneath my feet even though we’re a far cry from cool right now and we won’t see leaves on the ground for another couple months.

My kids are young enough that Halloween consists of school parades, class parties, church parties and enough candy to rot any young child’s mouth. What’s not to love?!

Hallie’s parade was first. I debated whether to even go because I did have a baby the week before. But Hallie’s pleas were more than I could turn down. She informed me this was her last year to get dressed up and walk in the parade. Once you’re in third grade, they don’t let you walk anymore. My attendance was very important in her eyes and so I went. We met up with her afterwards for some pictures with her good friends.
 photo 20131031-DSC_5806.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5816.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5812.jpg
Hunter’s parade was next. They walked around the preschool neighborhood singing all the Halloween songs they’d learned, strutting their fancy costumes.
 photo 20131031-DSC_5823.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5825.jpg
Once Steve got home from work we attended an outdoor neighborhood/church party – complete with chili and homemade root beer and then we wandered through the neighborhood for some trick-or-treating. (First family photo)
 photo 20131031-DSC_5911.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5926.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5933.jpg
We closed the evening with a visit from some cousins – where the kids could compare their Halloween/candy stories and show-off their fun costumes.
 photo 20131031-DSC_5938.jpg
Another successful Halloween…now lets bring on the Christmas music!