The excitement and attention that is given to a new baby can be a little overwhelming for some of the other kids; its seemed to affect Mr. B the most. He is overly interested in everything Cannon – he loves him a little too much for our liking. He’s going to love him to death if we’re not careful! And as much as we set aside some Bennett time, it’s never enough for him and he rarely leaves my side. It’s becoming a little much to handle and the majority of the time I end up frustrated with him for one reason or another.

I forget that he’s two…and his world was just turned upside down with his brother’s arrival. I forget that he doesn’t understand what the word “soft” means. I forget that he has no concept of time and when I say “in a minute” he will ask relentlessly until he gets it. He is just anxious for his brother to play with him, and if not him, he’ll settle with me to play with him – when really all he wants is his dad to play with him.

I have to remind myself he’s only 2. And at times he’s the funniest character there is.
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My sister-in-law sent Bennett this lunch pail that he carries around with him all the time. Typically he’s carting around his cars, but occasionally there’s food in it. I found a half eaten pancake stuffed inside which I’m shocked he didn’t eat, if there’s food around he will be the one to find it!