I’m not sure where the time went, but 10 years ago we were in this position:
 photo 20030918-DSC_0004-2.jpg
 photo 20030918-DSC_0100-2.jpg
And now we’re in this position:
 photo 20131102-DSC_5966.jpg
 photo 20131031-DSC_5911.jpg
And the 10 years in between have been awesome – Okay maybe 9 years, the first year wasn’t wedded bliss by any stretch of the imagination and neither one of us would probably categorize it as awesome – we refer to the first year as the “building” year. We had a lot of growing and maturing to do and it was hard on both of us. Luckily, the first year was just that, a year. A year that we can now look back at and laugh about. (But at the time there was nothing funny about it!) Here’s a snapshot of ten wonderful, adventurous, chaotic, stressful and entertaining years.

Year one:
 photo 20040804-P8040176.jpg
Year two:
 photo 20051224-DSC_0098.jpg
Year Three:
 photo 20061224-DSC_0004.jpg
Year four:
 photo 20070524-DSC_0078.jpg
Year five:
 photo DSC_0261.jpg
Year six:
 photo 54b635d9-02b5-4723-be0b-2fb74bd26035.jpg
Year seven:
 photo FinalFour-01465.jpg
Year eight:
 photo DSC_7115.jpg
Year nine:
 photo 20120526-DSC_9972.jpg
Year ten:
 photo 20131102-DSC_5975-1.jpg
Love that man more than anything!