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Mr. B’s distracted eating habits have become the joke of our family. Not only is he messy, but insists on having toys at the table (which accidentally find their way into the food), he gets up at least ten times during every meal and he always manages to spill something.

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One Sunday evening we were having a nice dinner at the “fancy” table (the kids refer to the table I built as the fancy one). In true Bennett fashion, he was up and down and there was food every where. After he spilled his drink (because he was trying to get down) I laughed in frustration and said, “Seriously Bennett, I’m going to buy a cage for you to eat your meals in and I’ll just throw you food from the table.”

Without skipping a beat, Hallie raised her hand, “Oh, can I help…please.”

Why wouldn’t a loving sister jump at the chance of feeding her little brother through a cage? When I told her I was joking, she looked down at her plate and said, “Ah man.”

We’ve since purchased a toddler booster with a harness…best $19 I’ve spent in a long time!
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