I finally got my Christmas cards sent to the printer (once again making the vow that I will complete them earlier next year) and I realized I had yet to design birth announcements for Cannon. I know it’s not a must for most, but when you’re a graphic designer it kind of falls in the “must” category. Part of me wanted to blend our Christmas card and birth announcement, but part of me wanted him to have a special announcement like every one of our kids have had (Steve reminds me Cannon won’t ever care – but maybe he’ll grow up to be sensitive and wonder why his loving mother never created a fun card for him). You can guess which thought process won out!

I sat down at the computer tonight to work on it and I realized I had designed a birth announcement for a friend a while ago and never posted it. They live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota and actually have a need for that many knit hats. We don’t own one for Cannon. But guaranteed Cannon will have more swimsuits than Finn!
Life with Fingerprints: Birth Announcement