Hunter’s Christmas program was nothing short of fantastic – his teacher puts in so much time and energy to make this production a success and it was awesome. They sang and danced to all sorts of fun songs. Hunter is definitely not our show-man and he rarely did the hand motions associated with the songs; but he knew every word and sang them loudly and never left the little sticker on the stage that said his name.  photo 20131218-DSC_8376.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8394.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8402.jpg The songs were great, but the best sound of the whole program was the gasp and giggles of the kids when they realized that Santa was in their presence. I love the excitement of children who truly believe in him.  photo 20131218-DSC_8404.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8416.jpg Hunter was so excited to show me his holiday projects – the glittered angel, the macaroni wreath and the gingerbread house. He was so careful in getting them home because he wanted to make sure that Hallie would see them. As usual, Hallie came home from school and acted overly excited about every little detail that Hunter described about his program and he was beaming with the approval of his older sister. She is so good to show interest in him and it makes him even more excited to tell her something the next time.