I haven’t quite figured out why, but the fire station seems to be the field trip of all field trips for 4 and 5 year olds. Hunter talked about this field trip for weeks before going. He went last year with the same preschool so he knew exactly what to expect and that just increased his excitement. They took a tour – they got to lay in a bed in a dark room and then woke up to the alarm going off, they got to spray the water and walk through the firetruck and they watched a fireman get all his clothes on really fast. Every kid’s dream.

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Bennett was enjoying himself until he watched the fireman put on all his clothes including his mask. He started out just a little curious. (don’t you love his “reverent” arms?)
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But the longer the man talked through his mask the more concerned he became. Before long he had his hands covering his ears, and then he walked over to me and asked if we could go. When I told him we had to stay he started to cry and started to panic always keeping an eye on the fireman to make sure he didn’t get closer. I can see now why some kids hide from fireman in their houses as it goes up in flames – those uniforms can be scary to a child!

The best part was towards the end of our visit. The alarms in the fire house started to go off and the firemen on duty started to run around getting ready, they made sure all the kids were out of the way and they sped off to save the day. You couldn’t have scripted a better exit and end of a field trip! We ate lunch in the park afterwards and Hunter made sure everyone knew who his little brother was.
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That night at dinner, Bennett could not stop talking about the visit and he kept mimicking the sound of the alarm. He was cracking us up with his depiction!