I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but we’re just two weeks from Christmas and we have a household full of sickies. It happens every year at this time, we all get sick.

It’s a good thing I am not a Christmas procrastinator or else I would be in trouble. And as much as I hate being sick, it’s not all bad news. For example, I spent the majority of two days on the couch, and I positioned myself so I could gaze at the Christmas tree. I’m always looking for an excuse to stop and enjoy the season, and now we’re being forced to do that. My Christmas cards will go out late, neighbor gifts will also be delayed and Hallie is wearing the same pair of dirty jeans for three days. What can you do? You can sit and enjoy the season with a sore throat. We’ve had Christmas music playing, we’be been snuggling up to Christmas movies and we’re going to get through all of our Christmas books for the first time!

Hallie sits down the first two days and reads them all in one sitting, and then she likes to pick each night which one we should read. Polar express is always the first book of the season – it’s a fan favorite. Some other ones aren’t the kids favorites (the important message often goes over their head or the illustrations aren’t great) but we read them anyway because one day we hope their meaning takes root in their hearts. Each year we get a few new books and some of them end up on the favorite’s list.

Here are a few that we really enjoy: