Thanksgiving never fails to disappoint.

We started out the day with a Turkey Trot. Steve’s brother hosts one in Gilbert and the proceeds help two great charities, one of which is the I Love Lucy Project (benefiting our niece Lucy). So we went to show our support.
 photo 20131128-DSC_7732.jpg
 photo 20131128-DSC_7756.jpg
In Steve’s mind – it’s not Thanksgiving without football, so we went straight from the turkey trot to his brother’s house so Steve (plus Hallie and Hunter) could get in on some football action. Steve has spent the last couple months teaching the kids how to play football and they’ve loved it – this was their first time really playing and they were both in heaven.
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 photo 20131128-DSC_7785.jpg
We gathered at Steve’s parents house for Thanksgiving lunch. Sadly no pictures of our family because Cannon slept the afternoon away and we kept waiting for him to take the picture. Oh well.

We were in charge of place cards again this year (previous years here and here) – this might be Hallie’s favorite part of Thanksgiving, she eats assignments like this up! (I didn’t take a picture of them, but luckily Shawni did!)
 photo 8765a36d-8f50-4e38-a8fa-16a75109cfb6.jpg
We spent the afternoon lounging, talking, playing games and spending time outside in the beautiful weather.
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All-in-all it was a lovely day surrounded by family.