Three of our four children have worn the same exact sleeper on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I had no idea when I bought it 9 years ago (yes, I bought it on clearance right after I found out I was pregnant with Hallie) that we would get so much use out of it.

 photo 20051224-DSC_0127.jpg

 photo 20081225-DSC_0900.jpg

 photo 20131225-DSC_8978-1.jpg

Bennett was the only one who didn’t wear it; partly because he was born in a different season which meant it would’ve been really snug on him but you know I would’ve try shoving him in it for the picture! The real reason he didn’t wear it is because this is how he looked on his first Christmas:
 photo 20111225-DSC_4071.jpg
He broke his hip just days before Christmas which meant he wore a snazzy hip sling making it difficult to have pants on – no gingerbread sleeper for him!