He knows how to party…and bring in a new year!  photo 20131231-DSC_9067-Edit.jpg He’s smiling and cooing and making everyone flock to his luscious hair. Everyone has to touch his hair – strangers touch his hair. It’s so fine and rabbit-like that it warrants every dirty hand to touch it!

Cannon met an aunt and uncle as well as some cousins this week – and they adore him. Steve’s sister Julie has a special love for babies and it’s kick to watch her talk to him. She’s so animated and fun and she has gained the title of baby whisperer.

We have family visiting (my nieces wedding is this week) which means we have thrown every schedule and routine out the window so we could enjoy more family time. Cannon’s sleep has been erratic at best and he’s had more than a couple angry moments – he’s really screaming, “will someone please just put me in my bed and let me wake up on my own!?”

See more of his chalkboard art.