Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo He’s turning into Mr. Smiles and tosses them around willingly. He’s pretty happy most of the time and we love that about him. Mr. B has become more dangerous to him as of lately and we’re trying to figure out how to keep them out of the same room for at least the next…oh, I don’t know…2 years!? Bennett tried picking him up by his head, almost stepped on him, accidentally sat on him and intentionally hit him in the stomach and that’s under supervision. Its a wonder how any 4th child makes it to their first birthday.

Hunter grows more fond of him every day and I often catch glimpses of what life will be like when they’re older. If Hunter sees he doesn’t have a blanket over him, he’ll find one to cover him. If he’s crying, Hunter will try to put the pacifier in and sings softly to him. If Bennett is around, Hunter acts as a barricade. And Hunter requests kisses for Cannon every single night. He really adores him and it’s so fun to watch.

I love that Cannon is becoming more interactive. He’s starting to recognize me and my voice and often stares at me intently. It’s my favorite look. He can be in his carseat with a lot of people around him with a lot going on and when I enter the picture he gives me the stare. I love the little rewards. It almost makes up for all the wardrobe changes due to his spit up! Almost.

See more of his chalkboard art.