Just when we thought his hair couldn’t get more volume: Life With Fingerprints: Weekly Photo He’s three months old today and he’s definitely grown out of the newborn stage. I just pulled out the 3-6 months clothes and even some of those are already a little snug on him. He’s got one long torso.

He loves the swing – loves the woombie – and has mastered the pacifier. He gives me 8-9 hour stretches at night and I love him for that. Unless he’s overly tired, he’s content and happy. We avoid giving him tummy time on the floor because Bennett can’t seem to enter the room without falling on top of him or stepping on his leg or arm. He’s still sleeping in a port-a-crib in the laundry room; we still haven’t kicked Bennett out of the crib. One day – maybe 9 months from now, but we’ll move him eventually.

See more of his chalkboard art.