Yes – he’s that awesome.  photo 20140128-DSC_0139-Edit-Edit.jpg He coos and giggles and gives me smiles all the time. His siblings love him to pieces. I picked him up out of the crib the other day and it hit me just how big he was. He no longer looks little in the crib. He’s starting to fill the space. Not to mention every time I pick him up I’m again reminded – he’s gaining weight nicely.

He’s starting to slow in the eating department and seems to be going longer in between feedings. He’s holding his head up like a champ and doesn’t mind the tummy time. He grabs his hair often and we find him scratching his scalp and forehead with his little hands. Unfortunately he’s got his mother’s (and brother) skin issues and and we’re doing our best to control it. His scalp is really quite awful looking – eczema can be quite painful. They kept telling us Mr. B would grow out of it, almost three years in, it’s still as prevalent as his infant days. Cannon is on the same road. I know those are my bad genes passed on to them, poor guys.

Aside from his irritated skin, life is sweet – it’s good to be 14 weeks!

See more of his chalkboard art.