This project has been slow to progress, it’ll get finished eventually!

It sat with freshly skim coated walls and new cement board around the tub and on the floor for a while. I couldn’t find tile for the floor to save my life. I went to so many showrooms looking for the perfect gray flooring. I really liked a gray marble hexagon tile but I didn’t love the maintenance of the marble in a bathroom I don’t monitor very closely.

I had to pull the trigger on something so we could move forward and wouldn’t you know it, I landed on the very first tile I looked at and it happened to be at Lowes (also the best for our budget!). It’s hard to tell from the picture but it has a linen texture to it.
 photo 20140124-769695386959.jpg
We borrowed a tile saw from a friend and I started making all the cuts. I dry fit the whole bathroom before putting any of them down permanently – I didn’t trust myself to do it any other way.
 photo 20140123-securedownload1.jpg
Tonight, after all the kids were in bed, I finally had a decent block of time and I was able to set the tiles. It’s drying as I type and I’ll be able to grout it tomorrow night. I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing!!
Also in my search for the tile I came across a flush mount light I liked – not ideal for a bathroom but I wasn’t about to start moving electrical around, definitely not my comfort zone!
 photo 20140124-611728170960.jpg

Getting the floor put down was a huge hurdle I had to get past – I still have the shower left to tile and I’m a little nervous because I’ve only tiled floors. I’d like to believe I can get a jump on it this weekend but I’m not overly hopeful. Instead I’ll spend several nights after the kids got to bed over the next two weeks and I’m totally okay with that.