Steve and I opted to combine our homemade Christmas gift this year to work on a project for the house. We decided to tackle the smallest bathroom in the house which seems to have the most problems. The bathroom was a DIY by one of the previous owners and it had its issues. For example; instead of nailing moulding up, it was screwed. (not only was it screwed together, but instead of using one piece of moulding, three sections were pieced together for one side.)
 photo 20131221-DSC_8522.jpg
The door didn’t shut, the floor wasn’t put down correctly, the toilet wouldn’t flush, the vanity had water damage, there were three different textures on the wall, there were holes in the drywall where towel bars had been ripped off and the tub had lost a lot of grout. It needed an overhaul.
 photo 20131221-DSC_8516.jpg
 photo 20131221-DSC_8520.jpg
The Saturday before Christmas we tore the bathroom apart. (The “we” used refers to Steve and my brother-in-law – I was on baby/kid duty). Besides the tub – everything had to go; including the door frame and a lot of drywall.
 photo 20131221-DSC_8526.jpg
 photo 20131221-DSC_8524.jpg
We realized half way through the day that not only did the door frame need to be replaced, but we needed to move the door over six inches and enlarge the frame size (the reason the door didn’t close in the first place was the small opening for the door).
 photo 20131221-DSC_8525.jpg
There was a pleasant surprise in the whole demolition phase – the floor came up in two sheets. Not great installation if we wanted to keep the floor in the bathroom, but ideal to be ripping it out!

By the end of day 1 we had completed demolition and installed new cement board around the tub. At this point Steve’s work was done for a while and it was my turn to step in (we did take a week and a half break for the holidays!). Although we removed a lot of the drywall – we still had a lot of textures going on with what we kept. So I spent the next two weeks (everything takes longer when you only work on it a couple nights a week after the kids go down) skim coating the walls. Not a fun task at all. I did all the mudding in our basement in Milwaukee and I forgot just how much I hate it. It’s tiring and messy and dries out my hand beyond measure. But I’m happy to report we’ve got smooth walls!
 photo 20140110-photo75.jpg
We’re making slow but steady progress and I’m hoping by the weekend we’ll be moving on to tile floor installation. And if this weekend is too lofty a goal, hopefully by next weekend!!