Christmas is magical; especially when you have young kids and they are excited about the $4 set of matchbox cars.  photo 20131225-DSC_8831.jpg  photo 20131224-DSC_8795-1.jpg Hallie woke up bright and early so Steve worked his magic and got her back to sleep. We didn’t hear another peep until 7:45 – that is a win in my book! Hunter came down the stairs and saw that his wish for a new door came true and Bennett was beside himself when he saw the “House”. (A house that we bought with Hallie and haven’t used for years because it was too “girly” – we found a used cover since they no longer make it.)

 photo 20131225-DSC_8846.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8863.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8866.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8875.jpg Steve’s parents and sister joined us to watch the kids open presents and we skyped in my parents as well (isn’t technology amazing!). Hunter asked me at least three times while opening presents if we could replace his old door – he let me know that he would help me. Hallie was over the moon about her new scooter (she got the same one last year but it was stolen) and Hunter was bumming because Hallie already got a scooter. He was pretty stoked when he opened his own scooter.

In no time – every present was opened and there were scraps of paper littering the living room. I don’t totally love the immediate let down I feel once the last gift is opened, it’s over far too quickly. For me, because I buy presents so early, there’s such a fun long build-up to Christmas and it’s over in two short hours. The house is destroyed and we have more stuff to clutter our space. There’s a definite let-down. The upside to it is excited kids who can’t wait to rip open every single package regardless of how many pieces they might lose in the chaos. Rubber bands for the loom were a huge hit and I think my kids made me four bracelets that morning. Hunter reported that this was the best Christmas ever. I love the simple expectations of kids!  photo 20131225-DSC_8883.jpg We joined Steve’s brother for Christmas breakfast and loved our time with them and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.  photo 20131225-DSC_8895.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8899.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8902.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8914.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8917.jpg After breakfast we came home and the first thing the kids wanted to play with was the football and new cones, they can’t get enough.  photo 20131225-DSC_8932.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8938.jpg We joined Steve’s family for the evening and let the kids run crazy with all their cousins.  photo 20131225-DSC_8994.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8971.jpg  photo 20131225-DSC_8979.jpg The day was fun and exhausting at the same time. There is no doubt that Christmas is a lot of work and often stressful – but it has to be one of my favorite days of the year. This year was no exception to that.