It’s no secret that I’m a homebody. I love to stay home. Whenever the kids are out of school, Steve likes to ask what we’re going to do and where are we going to go. I always wonder why I need to take them anywhere…we have plenty of fun when we stay home. But with both Steve and the kids on break from school as well as left over vacation days from work – we were bound to leave the house!! And I’m here to report it didn’t kill me. It wasn’t always ideal, but it didn’t kill me and we had a great time which left us all exhausted.

Here’s how we spent our Christmas break through pictures:

Visited Santa’s workshop at Bass Pro Shop.  photo 20131218-DSC_8479.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8449.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8469.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8472.jpg  photo 20131218-DSC_8443.jpg  photo 20131218-photo69.jpg

Celebrated our 10th anniversary.  photo 20131220-photo68.jpg

Enjoyed the beautiful weather with a lot of time outside with the kids.  photo 20131231-photo66.jpg

Celebrated my birthday with my sister-in-laws over lunch.  photo 20131230-photo67.jpg

Took the kids bowling (Hunter and Bennett’s first time, thanks to our Pogo Pass).  photo 20131230-DSC_9041.jpg  photo 20131230-DSC_9045.jpg  photo 20131230-DSC_9018.jpg  photo 20131230-DSC_9003.jpg (Bennett doesn’t like any loud noises/music and he had his hands over his ears for a good majority of our time bowling)

Frisbee dodgeball with the whole clan on New Years Eve.  photo 20140101-DSC_9112.jpg  photo 20140101-DSC_9119.jpg  photo 20140101-DSC_9129.jpg

A wedding dinner and wedding reception. (pictures to come)

Adult dinner with Steve’s siblings.  photo 20140103-photo70.jpg

Not to mention the endless cousin encounters, custard with Steve’s sister, dinner with another sister and her family, movie nights and dinner with friends. We were busy, busy enough that we never heard from our kids that they were bored!