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We did something really special with our kids this weekend. We have a new LDS temple opening in Gilbert and we took the family (minus Cannon thanks to my sister-in-law) to the open house. Before a temple is dedicated for worship, it is open to the public, everyone who wants to enter can enter and feel of the special spirit within it’s walls. If you live near a temple that is opening – go and visit it, whether you’re of the LDS faith or not, you will love it. It was beautiful on all accounts.

This was the first time Hunter and Bennett were able to see inside the temple (Hallie went to an open house when she was 3). We were able to talk with them as we walked through; explaining to them what we do when we go to the temple and what to look forward to when they can go. It was really special.

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They don’t allow photography within the temple – but here’s a video link with some interior shots. (here)

Last night I was thinking about the temple and just how beautiful it was. Hallie was commenting just how pretty all the chandeliers were and they really were breathtaking. I started thinking through all the temples I’ve been in and they are all so different and unique, yet they serve the same purpose.

When we travel, we make it a point to go to the temple in the area if there is one – a lot of times we’re able to worship, some times we just go to the grounds and walk around with the kids. Either way we’re reminded of the sacred and special nature of the temple. We added Gilbert to the list of temples we’ve visited.


Twin Falls

Idaho Falls



Salt Lake





St. George

San Diego


Las Vegas

Gila Valley

Winter Quarters




Washington D.C.

New York

Lima Peru


Out of all the temples, Gilbert is high on my list of favorites – next to Nauvoo and San Diego. If you’re in AZ right now, go take a look.