Download all the Valentine’s and even more at the resource library.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner – Hallie asked me the other day what her valentine is going to be this year. Good Question. Haven’t put any thought into it. Then in my inbox this week I had several people request last year’s valentine printable. Which means there’s a whole group of people out there already on the ball. I’m typically that person – this bathroom remodel is knocking me off my game!

Here’s last years cards: Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Free Printables Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Free Printables I don’t go overboard with these little things (lets be serious, the kid receiving it quickly removes the candy and tosses the card!) – the simpler the better and I make the kids work on them; cutting out or attaching candy. Once I design it, I can use it for another kid the next year which helps me out. By the time Cannon is passing out cards he’ll have a library to choose from.

Here are links to the cards above.

Download Airhead Valentine

Download “Write” Valentine

Speaking of Valentine’s Day – does a card box get much cuter than this. (here) Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Bee Box There’s no way she’s beating that this year.

More Valentine’s fun here and here.