I’m working on a 100 year anniversary book (for a hospital group I work for) and they gave me folders full of old pictures. I came across this receipt from 1929:
Life with Fingerprints: 1929 Hospital Bill
Can you see those numbers?? The final total is $12! For having a baby!! Perhaps this caught my eye because we’re currently suffering from bill overload from Cannon’s birth – and there isn’t an item on there for $12 – not even the tylenol!

You want to know what $12 in 1929 would be worth today? $163 – 1262% inflation. My mom pointed out that this was during the depression so wages were probably lower than normal – so for kicks and giggles lets double the number to $24. That would be $326 today. That is a big difference from the bills I’ve been receiving. My epidural (totally normal, average, run of the mill epidural) alone was billed at $5000. Yes – there are three zeros behind that 5. And when I started to complain to Steve on how expensive it was he asked, “Would you go without the epidural to save the money? Think of all the projects in the house you could do for that amount. Is it really worth it?”

I didn’t have to spend more than 2 seconds contemplating my answer. Yes. I would spend that much again – call me crazy but its so worth it. A luxury they definitely didn’t have in 1929!

Want to know my favorite part of the bill – the stamp that says “paid” with a handwritten “Thank You” underneath it. Customer service doesn’t get better than that.