It has been a non-stop party for the last two weeks and everyone in the house is exhausted. We’ve had cousins visiting from out of town for my nieces wedding and I think we threw every routine out the window – which is so unlike us. It was confirmed on multiple occasions that regardless of what time we put our children to bed, they will not sleep in. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour past bedtime, or 3 1/2 hours past bedtime, they wake up at the same time. We got so caught up in the fun of family that we kept telling ourselves, “they will for sure sleep in tomorrow, they are so tired…”. They didn’t and we are fools for thinking they would eventually. Nope, they just became more and more tired. We’ve been paying the price for two days already.

Tomorrow reality hits and I’m not sure any of us are ready. We need a vacation from our vacation. Steve starts a new semester, Hallie goes back to school and Hunter is back at preschool. Although we finally got Christmas down, our home looks like a tornado hit it – one of the many disadvantages to throwing routine out the window. Not to mention, I’ve got a home project I started before Christmas that has had no attention and needs a little love at this point.

But lets be clear – it was worth it. The tantrums, the screaming children, the late nights, it was all worth it because spending time with family is so much fun, and our kids can’t get enough cousin time.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9460.jpg
And Steve with his siblings is a sight to be seen (missing two in this picture, but you get the idea!) it’s never a dull moment.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9253.jpg

The new year is here and I am ready to get back in it, bring on the routine and rhythm of life with young children!