Brimley and Scott’s reception was not only beautiful (here) it was fun. I’m talking stay up late, dance til’ your feet hurt fun. Here’s how the fun broke down:

It doesn’t matter who the bride is – Hallie thinks all girls in fancy white dresses are absolutely beautiful – her cousin was no exception.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9399.jpg
Steve’s sister and her family.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9437.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9407.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9433.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9424.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9429.jpg
Did you notice that fun donut cake??

Just before making their exit – Brimley and Scott led a fantastic dance party. First, the traditional slow dance and then some fun dancing.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9443.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9456.jpg
Before long – they made their grand exit.
 photo 20140102-DSC_9486.jpg
 photo 20140102-DSC_9497.jpg
And then the real dance party started. If there is one thing the Pothiers have mastered, it would be a dance party. They’ve got moves you’ve never seen! And we stayed up late enjoying the fun. Our kids were dancing zombies, it was so far past their bedtime, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go home!
 photo 20140102-DSC_9478.jpg
Here’s just a few of the moves:

Can’t wait for the next wedding!