Amid all the building and sawdust – this guy turned 4 months old:  photo 20140211-DSC_0585-Edit.jpg He’s a whopping 15.5 pounds and 26 inches long. He’s a solid boy for sure. He’s proven he can roll from front to back and back to front although doesn’t do it all the time. He likes to put weight on his legs and is just starting to enjoy the exersaucer. We’re working on his eczema and we often put socks on his hands because he scratches his face relentlessly.

He has a lot to say lately and he loves to babble. He often has a death grip on my hair and is starting to hang on to things and put them in his mouth.

His hair is starting to calm down and doesn’t stand straight up – he’s starting to lose some in the back and it’s really noticable when you have dark hair.

He’s content. He’s happy. We’re happy that he’s happy.

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