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Hunter is one funny kid – he often tells me when he almost did something he shouldn’t but then he changed his mind.

Just the other day he heard me opening the oreos (during Bennett’s rest time) and he came running into the kitchen. He proudly says, “I was going to sneak some oreos but then I thought you’d hear the package open, so instead I’m just going to ask for some.” He didn’t take the oreos because he felt guilty about doing something wrong, just afraid he was going to get caught. Lines like this come out of his mouth all the time.

On a slightly related note – Hunter asks for oreos every day after he finishes his sandwich. But he’s learned not to ask for them when Bennett’s around so he’ll say, “Can I have a O-R-E-O when Bennett goes to b-e-d?” As Bennett sits next to him wondering why he just said his name. Every. Single. Day. It kills me. (he spells out bed as well because Bennett freaks out if he hears the word during lunch time – he knows nap time is quickly approaching and he’s doomed!)

On another slightly related note – I’m not a huge fan of oreos. If I’m going to eat them it’s going to be the mint ones, but I recently bought a package of lemon oreos and I’m in love. They’re not for everyone, Steve dislikes them, but the kids and I are eating them up. Try them out.