Life with Fingerprints: Life is bliss quote

I have carried this quote with me for years. At one time I had it memorized and would occasionally repeat it to myself as I struggled with “delays” and “sidetracks”.

As I held the throw-up bowl for my daughter at 4 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, this quote once again came to my mind. And as I repeated it to myself, watching my little girl lay on the floor of our bathroom, I added in the word “Motherhood.” Anyone who imagines that bliss in motherhood is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that she has been robbed.” Let me tell you there was nothing blissful about that night. Cannon woke up just minutes after I got into bed just before midnight. After feeding him, I made my way back to bed only to wake up to Hallie an hour and a half later. After getting things cleaned up and her settled, Steve took the first shift and I was back awake at 4 for my shift. Hallie finally got to sleep around 4:45 and I jumped back in bed as quickly as possible. Cannon’s cries disturbed my sleep at 5:45 and I was back up.

Luckily – this was just one night in my motherhood journey. However, one night can derail a whole weekend of plans!