This guy had his first sleepover this week! Life with Fingerprints: Baby weekly photo Steve and I had a hiking/camping overnighter sans children. I haven’t spent a night without Cannon and I almost backed out three times the day we were supposed to leave. I was stressing. I knew they were in good hands with my sister-in-law and their family, yet it didn’t change my nerves. Steve reminded me that I need to be able to leave him in a a couple weeks while we attend a wedding and this was just a practice run.

Luckily- the practice run went well. I did dream that a baby was crying a good portion of the night and I had to keep remembering to pump milk. From what we were told – Cannon did well and had plenty of loving arms taking care of him – including Steve’s brother who watched sports center with him in the wee hours of the morning (bonding time). He came back to us in one piece and I didn’t have a breakdown. Wins all around!

But boy was I happy to have him back with me – middle of the night feeding and all.

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