Look who’s five months old…and he’s got skills… Life with Fingerprints; Baby weekly photo, chalkboard baby prints Drooling skills, screaming skills, spitting up skills…he’s the the master! He’s more aware of his surroundings and notices when we leave him in a room alone and of course he cries. He’s fighting sleep more and more which makes daytime naps few and far between. He takes the pacifier occasionally but he’s not attached to it like our first two kids were. Toys are becoming a little more interesting but not quite entertaining. He still sleeps in the woombie and with a sound machine. Diapers must not be fitting as well these days because we seem to be having issues in the poop department. He’s going through a lot of clothing! He no longer enjoys the swing which is one thing we can remove from the living room and pack away!

He giggles and smiles and it makes grateful for a healthy strong baby.

See more of his chalkboard art.