Steve claims a cat allergy and I claim a dog allergy dislike for dogs. I think we have the kids convinced that animals will not be in their future no matter the amount of begging they persist with. What is it with kids and animals?? Fortunately we have three annual scheduled events that allow our kids to interact with animals without having to bring any home with us: We visit Steve’s work, go to Idaho and visit family and all their fun animals and we attend Lehi Days.

Our church (Lehi Stake) hosts a local rodeo (Lehi Days) every March and with that is a petting zoo. The kids are in little furry animal heaven. This year it was rainy and a little chilly. I took one for the team and stayed home with Cannon – Steve became the hero and took the kids by himself. He promised to send pictures, love that man!

Bennett’s face is awesome:
 photo 20140301-IMG_1627.jpg
 photo 20140301-IMG_1624.jpg
 photo 20140301-IMG_1632.jpg
 photo 20140301-IMG_1631.jpg
 photo 20140301-IMG_1640.jpg
 photo 20140301-IMG_1622.jpg
Hallie was completely jealous of a friend who left the rodeo with a barrel full “of her very own chickens.” They live close enough we can now send the kids over to hold/manhandle them and then wash their hands extremely well before coming home. Isn’t that what good friends are for?